Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Enormous Splatter Picture

Inspired by The Artful Parent and Jackson Pollock we made huge splatter pictures.
Big Seed really enjoyed this.
Above is the flat canvas I attached to the end of the paper so I could keep this.
This is really cheap from The Range or Wilkinsons in UK.

I love this picture...combines the garden and painting.

I taped lots of big sheets from my husband's office together.
You can use a roll (from Ikea) or a sheet.
I put 3 poster paint colours in pots, watered down a little,
and gave him a brush, a spoon and a stick.

He liked pouring it the best ...he thought that was really great,
I suppose because that's something we don't ever do.

I can also see the shapes he had made out of wool yarn on the grass.
The garden is so great for big stuff!

But you know what he liked the best?
Now his feet were covered in paint so I brought a bowl of water and a cloth
to wipe him...
he loved dunking the cloth and splattering that about the best!

Oh well....typical eh?

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