Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Amazing Sunshine and Rainbow Suncatchers

These are so gorgeous.
The possibilities for this method of crafting is endless.

Tear some cling film and tape it to your table.
Then draw around a bowl/plate with felt tip.

Tear up some yellow/red/orange tissue (kite) paper.

Take an old/cheap paint brush and paint PVA glue ( Mod Podge) inside the circle.
Stick all the pieces of tissue paper in the circle making sure some overlap.
This is the important bit: Paint PVA glue all over the top of the circle too.

The rainbow uses a different method;
this time we drew a rainbow on a piece of paper and stuck this underneath the cling film.
Here is Big Seed tracing the rainbow shapes.

This time I cut the paper into squares for Big Seed to stick down.
Paint glue on the cling film, stick the paper down and paint glue on top.

Leave to dry until for about 6 hours.

Then magically peel it off the cling film.
The glue will have completely disappeared.
You have a beautiful, fragile, paper sun.
Sometimes there are tiny holes which missed any tissue paper which looks really attractive too.

A radiant rainbow!

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  1. Oooh! Pretty! These look so beautiful - we may have to try some soon to bring some color to our windows. :)

  2. How pretty! And creative too!


  3. Hi :)
    Thanks a lot for your friendly comment in my blog I love your rainbow suncatcher, sooo cute :)

    Hugs from Spain

  4. Very cool! Where do you get cling film? Thanks for linking up & I'm so glad you liked the mini book in a tine I posted!

  5. Great idea and gorgeous results! xx

  6. ohh I love the rainbow one :) I think I'm going to try this one out!


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