Friday, 16 July 2010

Say It With Buttons : A Photo Frame Gift

It was Grandma's birthday so Big Seed made her this lovely gift 
of a photo frame decorated in buttons to match her living room.

You need a flat frame, then prime it with white poster paint mixed with glue.
That takes a while to dry, then go crazy with buttons.
I bought a couple of mixed bags from Ebay.
What a co-incidence that Big Seed's aunt should send him some old buttons and necklaces
as a surprise package that morning!

I like the way that some of the buttons overlap the edge...
also to add that extra zing, layer some of them up.

Hope she likes it tomorrow!

By the way...make sure you enter Our Summer Giveaway...if you like gnomes!


  1. what a cool idea. I love how randomly they are placed. Definately a job for little hands as I am way to anal about keeping things even. I found your blog by way of scraps of starlight, congrats on your award by the way. Looking forward to following along!


  2. What a great project! I love the effect the buttons create.
    I bet your little one had fun arranging them!

  3. Grandma/Mamgu loves her photo frame. Thank you big seed and lots of love.

  4. Very pretty - it only occurred to me to save buttons a few months back - I am annoyed I didn't think about it earlier. However - I may have enough for this very cute idea.



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