Sunday, 11 July 2010

Alternative Breakfast : Fried Asparagus Rolls & Egg

It is always a big personal achievement if I can get
my son to eat anything green!

This is a simple recipe from this book:

We Love Food

which we are currently using.
 It has a chapter on breakfasts which is really useful as I use
this recipe as a good filler for about 10am.

Here's how:

1. Cut the crusts off some wholemeal bread slices ( not won't roll).
2. Boil some asparagus. It is best to cook for a few mins but my son loves his veg really soft, 
so I have to cook things longer.
3. Let the asparagus cool then roll it from corner to corner in the bread square.
I found it helped to put a cocktail stick through to keep the shape.
4. Fry it in oil.
5. Cook a runny egg for 3 mins in simmering water.
6. Slice off the top of the egg and dip in.

He actually said," Ooh this is nice, will you cook this again!"

A green vegetable...I nearly fell off my stool! 

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  1. It is wonderful when this happens, Mothers do like there child to eat greens!!! Cheers Marie


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