Monday, 9 August 2010

3 Different Butterfly Activities

The last few days have seen a butterfly theme going on.

First up is some simple symmetry.
I gave Big Seed some stickers, pairs of matching shapes but different colours.
Had to put one of each shape on each half of the butterfly and try his best to get them
in matching positions.

We had looked at butterfly pictures beforehand to explain symmetry,
downloaded from here.

Second is a butterfly suncatcher.
Coloured tissue paper shapes stuck on to sticky film cut out in the shape of a butterfly.
I taped a pipecleaner on the top as feelers.

Thirdly are butterfly stick puppets.
Big Seed and his best friend Little Elf decorated some cardboard shapes,
with a lolly stick stuck on the back.

These are very versatile puppets as they can be used as masks too...

and they can be used for butterfly races.


  1. You can never have too many butterflies around. I love them all, especially the suncatcher. We may just have to have a go at that one.


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