Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Straw Catamarans

Big Seed and his brother visited a huge replica pirate ship.
Inspired by the day trip we made some boats with his friend Little Elf.

This is a catamaran made from straws, lolly sticks and sellotape.
Big Seed designed his sail taped onto a bamboo skewer, fixed onto the boat by plasticine.

Here is their pond, the lid of the sandpit, upturned.
Wow, it really floats!

The boys are blowing their sails in the sun.

They invited some passengers on aboard: some small toy animals,
and made some smaller boats out of old plastic lids.
Later on they also tried some big leaves too.

Science: floating and sinking - through play.


  1. Great activity! Little C is all about floating and sinking!!Thank you for sharing.And tahnk you for your nice comments mama.

  2. Their boats are gorgeous - what a fantastic idea and I love the little sails.

  3. Great idea! We are always trying to attach sails to our boats. Plasticine seems to be the trick. Thanks for sharing.


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