Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Spelling Names

I got this idea from several posts months ago, 
and here is our version of spelling the names of family members
with milk bottle caps.

I put stickers on old milk lids.
Made cards with photos of people along with their name. 
A circle is traced around a lid for each letter and the letter written on the card then laminated.
Big Seed just has to match them up.

He loves this because it has such meaning to him.
I made a bag from alphabet print fabric to keep everything tidy.


  1. well done
    sam london xxx

  2. I love that idea, so easy, thanks. I will be collecting my milk caps now! Thanks for stopping over at my blog xx

  3. Thanks for stopping over to my blog :) and for another great idea, I will be collecting my milk tops now.


Thanks for dropping by xx

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