Thursday, 5 August 2010

Table Pictures and Giant Rubbings

I taped down paper on the kitchen table and asked Big Seed to sit on it.
This was so novel he enjoyed drawing like this.

So we started to draw together in collaboration.
He would add to something I started and vice versa.

It's really strange to do something you haven't done since you were so small yourself;
I mean when was the last time you did giant scribbles?
Good for the soul for sure.

Then I thought of an extension;
In the time it took Big Seed to run upstairs for something...

I covered the table in flat objects.
I taped down coins, lolly sticks, cards, and glue spreaders.
Then I put some more paper on top and told him it was a treasure hunt with crayons.

What joyous squeals of delight and laughter at finding silly things.
Simple bliss.



  1. What a great idea! We get these giant rolls of newsprint from the local paper (the end rolls that they can't use). I tape them to floors and walls for the kids, but I never thought of rubbings! Brilliant! (:

  2. LOVE! We just got a big roll of art paper today, and this will be a great project for it!


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