Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mast & Sail Pictures

Following on from the Catamaran activity,
we were still focused on our trip on the Pirate Ship...

we used the masts and sails we saw as inspiration.

I taped down 2 pieces of string for 2 masts.
I cut out some rectangles and triangles of different sizes from a magazine as flags.
I also cut out some plain shapes for the boys to decorate their own flags.

They then stuck the flags onto the strings, until the string sails were full.

The following day, Big Seed wanted to do this again.

I cut out some white paper flags in rectangle and triangle shapes.
He had to stick all the square flags on one string and the triangular ones on the other.

After that I put 2 different numbers on them and he had to sort these.

Then he had to sort 2 different letters.

You can adapt this in so many ways for a sorting and sticking activity.


  1. I really like this idea - I always have trouble finding a simple way to make a boat with young children. This is a great alternative!!


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