Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pirate Party Ideas

Big Seed has a favourite t-shirt - it's a pirate treasure map.
I promised him and his best friend a pirate party just for them.

I downloaded some amazing free pirate party printables from Cottage Industrialist here
and also made a similar snack map to here.

Incase of all types of weather I had several activities ready:

I could not find any gold coins in my supermarket so I wrapped foil 
around these giant chocolate buttons.
I hid these in the garden for a treasure hunt.

The boys made telescopes out of coloured card and then used them to find 4 pirate ships in the garden.
I found some images on Google, printed, laminated and tied them up in the garden.

Pirates like a lot of necklaces... so we made some of our own.
They stuck some pirate ship images and sequins and things to a "medallion" tied with string.

Here is Big Seed wearing his pasta necklace with images of pirate ships on card also strung on.
These had holes punched into them.
Check out his dirty face from eating all those chocolate coins!
Children find it easier to thread with wool if you tape a little sellotape around the end of the wool
to simulate a needle.

Little Seed checking out his "bling".

We also opened some treasure rocks, but didn't get round to designing some flags
for their pirate ship ( garden slide).
(Other pirate theme ideas include coin rubbings, decorating treasure boxes, and making treasure maps.)

Instead they played in the huge muddy puddle...
transferring water from the puddle to wheelbarrows, etc;
to stop the ship from sinking!

This was their favourite part of the day.
It was a joy to watch. They were completely covered in mud.

But I am glad I didn't have a real party of 10 boys!

abc button


  1. We had a pirate party for the Elf's 7th birthday. If I remember correctly we had treasure rocks, decorated pirate hats, had a treasure hunt. Mostly they played in a giant pirate ship I made out of appliance boxes.

    Your party sounds like it was lots of fun. (:

  2. Too cute and great creativity! My son is turning five in October, maybe a pirate party?

  3. What fun! 2 pirates is much more manageable than 10 for sure!

  4. So cute. My 3 yr old is really into pirates too. Maybe we'll give this a try...

  5. LOVE these ideas! I'm planning a pirate themed party for my son next month - thanks for sharing!


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