Wednesday, 29 September 2010


It's Michaelmas today.
It's the first time we have celebrated it.
You can find out lots of information here on a great post by Twig and Toadstool.

This is our table setting for Michaelmas.
I made the dragon out of felt after reading this at Rhythm of the Home.
It took a few evenings.
The beeswax candle was made by Big Seed.

I bought the wooden fire from Rjabinnik at Etsy.
I liked the link with dragon breathing fire and Big Seed is also into playing with fire engines.
It will be useful for storytelling this season.

Big Seed is too young to understand the real story behind Michaelmas,
and he is scared of dragons and we kept it very simple.

Here is his happy dragon painting.
What you say? It looks like a fish?
That's because he painted over his legs!

He didn't want a dragon story tonight so we played his current favourite game.
A pot of wooden acorns and a pot of real acorns.
( The block in the middle of the pic is purely artistic, placed there by Big Seed).
Roll a dice and put that number in your opponent's pot.
The winner is the first to empty their pot.

Happy Michaelmas to you



  1. Love the dragon and the picture looks like a cool dude dragon to me. Great acorn game idea. Must try it with my one. Happy Michaelmas.

  2. We celebrated with lots of dragons projects too. It was very fun and yummy.
    Have a very very Happy Michaelmas.

  3. Love that game! Sounds adorable and oh so simplle.


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