Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Sensory Box

It has finally all come together..
at last The Autumn Sensory Box,
as a gift to Big Seed to celebrate Autumn Equinox.

Inspired by Counting Coconuts, I emptied the sand from the box and filled it
with Autumnal delights.

1 set of silk leaves of various colours
1 set of brown paper leaves for scrapbooking
Leaf buttons all from Ebay

7 needle felted acorns made by myself

10 needle felted apples by myself in a wooden bowl

Leaf cookie cutters from CSN Stores

Wooden apple from Ebay

Gorgeous knitted apples from Grandma Seed in a knitted pouch.

Toy hedgehog found by chance in the shop at the Welsh National Botanic Gardens
Always a lovely day out there.

Little box with mirror and wooden squirrel to hide inside

Autumn Gnome made by myself, real cones and felt pumpkins from a local toy shop.

I adore these wooden acorns from Etsy shop Natural Kids & Toys

I added a strawberry huller ( like tweezers) and a yellow Chinese soup spoon,
cinnamon sticks, and some real acorns.

I covered the box with our new Autumn silk from Beneath The Rowan Tree.

Then we gathered round to see his face when he lifted it.
He loved it...well what kid wouldn't?

Many of these objects have dual purposes to justify being bought.
The wooden acorns, apples, buttons, etc will be used in counting games.
The leaves and buttons will be used for sorting activities.
The Autumn silk is used a great deal in dressing up as King Autumn Gnome and for storytelling.
The cutters for playdough, cooking, and roleplay.
Wooden animals for imaginary play and storytelling.

You can alternatively make a natural sensory box from real leaves and treasures for free.

Homeschooling can be really beautiful!

Have you entered our Autumn Gnome Giveaway here?

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  1. Oh how divine!! LOVE everything you added - your needlefelted creations are lovely and the felt pumpkins are just too cute! Thank you for linking back to me too. :)

  2. I love it. It is beautiful. Love the felt pumpkins.

  3. So fun!! We made our Autumn and Halloween sensory boxes last week and have been collecting real acorns at the bus stop every morning to add. It's been a huge hit!! Love the little orange gnomes -- may need to add a few of them to our box too : )

  4. Great! Thanks for your inspiration! I planned to create an autumn table next week and after reading your message I decided to create an autumn-box too.

  5. Love it! Such a variety of autumn objects!

  6. Wow, nice sensory tub! I'm sure you'll get plenty of other uses out of all the fall treasures as well. Counting Cocanuts is quite an inspiration for sensory tubs. I've seen hers as well.

  7. After all we created an autumn drawer today already http://apfelkuchencosinusundfarbenpracht.blogspot.com/2010/09/welcome-autumn.html. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. I love the felt pumpkins! :) I also want to get a hold of some of those wooden acorns and play silks :D. Great sensory box! thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

  9. That is so beautiful and thoughtfully put together. I love this idea and the colours are lovely. Thank you.

    Enjoy your Autumn weekend. xxx

  10. It's a beautiful sensory box!

  11. What a great sensory tub! I did one for the kids this summer and they loved it, but I never updated it. I am planning on taking the kids for a nature walk tomorrow, so I think I'll make sure to gather a few extras (aka pine cones and such) for an updated fall tub. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  12. Love it!!! What a wonderful selection of Autumn goodies you've got in there!!!
    xo maureen

  13. What a great sensory box, thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow! This is such a fantastic sensory box! Thank you so much for sharing all of your great little treasures with us.


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