Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Apple Tree T-Shirt

Here is my first attempt at applique.
I made Big Seed an apple tree t-shirt as it's so appropriate this month.

His favourite t-shirt has a button on it and he is about to grow out of it,
so it inspired me to make him this one.

With cute apple buttons.
Sorry this picture refuses to rotate the right way but you get the idea.

Got some nice ideas for other applique projects,
I now wonder why I didn't try this years ago!


  1. Oh, so, gorgeous. I love the fabric and buttons. The right button always finishes an outfit. Really cute buttons. I bet Big Seed has found a new favourite t-shirt.

  2. Adorable! I *love* the addition of the sweet apple buttons :-)

  3. oh so cute, my boy loves little buttons on his shirt too!

  4. A fantastic first applique!
    Love apples and trees.
    Your blog is great

  5. Super sweet! What a great idea to add the apple buttons.

  6. Oh - I was thinking about doing some applique on an apron I was making for my son. - I am now inspiredt. It is annoying when the pictures don't rotate! xx

  7. I LOVE your applique apple tree!
    so sweet!
    xo maureen

  8. My whole kitchen is apples and I was wondering where you got your fabric for the tree?

  9. Hi, It's from www.fabricrehab.co.uk

  10. Thanks for the link to the apple print!


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