Monday, 6 September 2010

Tactile Wooden Alphabet

I will say that I dabble in Montessori because I don't follow
it strictly to the letter but I really like some of the ideas they use.
I also find it very expensive to do at home if you live in the UK because there is only
one major supplier, unlike the US.

I really like the wooden movable alphabet.
I bought this from here for £12, which is good value as you get about 6 of each letter.
Daddy Seed made the box which I am so pleased with (or they are expensive).

Big Seed sees them displayed like this and immediately wants to play with them.
He thinks it's another game and enjoys feeling them.

(I have never come across these in any mainsteam school, probably due to the expense as pieces probably get lost. So sad as it helps to make sense of word building. I also wonder if this would encourage boys who are not drawn to writing, as this makes it more physical.)

I gathered some objects together and I also placed the initial sounds on the table
for Big Seed to match up.
To my surprise he did them all correctly first time. So we are now building an alphabet box.

You can do all these activities with a printed out alphabet and images from the internet.

Then he moved onto something simple...
Sorting pompoms into silicon cupcake holders with a strawberry huller.
These are easier to use than tweezers.


  1. Both activities are great. My littles likes the pompoms sorting too.
    Don't know if I commented here already. We're a homeschooling family of six living in Switzerland and loving England. If you'd like to know more, go have a look at our blog.

  2. My younger two went/go to a Montessori Kindergarten. I think they have both benefitted from the approach. One of the many aspects I love is that they are not rushed from one activity to another. At one stage the pom poms and tongs was a favourite skill. They was no pressure to move to another skill. Totally opposite experience to eldest's experience at village playgroup.

  3. wow I love that you were able to build the box, I'm also planning on getting one of these for my daughter


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