Thursday, 23 September 2010

Autumn Equinox : Harvest T-Shirt And A Garden Feast

Today is the Autumn Equinox and I am waiting for a red moon to appear if the clouds will disappear.
We made preparations all day and celebrated our real harvest.

Inspired by Twig And Toadstool, we made use of discarded veg tops
and printed this Harvest T-shirt.
We used an apple, Summer squash, sweet red pepper, carrots and courgettes to print this
with fabric paints.
All except the pepper were from our garden.
Big Seed wore this with pride for supper.

Big Seed harvesting some apples from our small tree.

We used those apples to make this homely apple cake.

What could be more appropriate than a rainbow of roasted vegetables from our garden?

With sausages and homemade apple sauce.

Here is our table decorated for the Harvest Feast.
Flowers from the garden, a few things from our Autumn box, beeswax candles
and Big Seed's leaf hat he made to wear with his t-shirt.

(Yeah I know it looks a bit much with that wallpaper, but I didn't know
I would be doing all this stuff when we put the wallpaper up.
White walls next time.)

Wine from our grapes grown in the greenhouse.
This stuff is seriously we sip it out of shot glasses,
or we would fall asleep on our plates!

Enjoy your harvest...and look out for the red moon!


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