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India Topic Activities

I have created Montessori themed activities for a new geography
theme on India. I see that in many Montessori circles it gets studied under the theme of Asia
but we are going to focus solely on India.
Their Grandfather comes from India so we are lucky to have some treats.

Here is what is on our shelves:

They brought back some natural finds; leaves, dried flowers, cotton buds, giant seed pods,
and peacock feathers, and a wooden Ganesh figure.
( You can buy real feathers on Ebay and also buy Ganesh figures online).
I place a large magnifying glass next to the Discovery Tray.

We also have a little basket full of Indian jewellery I had in my drawers for years
which I didn't photograph but is a small Discovery Basket .

This is a traditional spice tray.
I filled it with rainbow rice.

Transferring raw lentils from child beakers for Little Seed.

Transferring raw lentils from 2 stainless steel cups for Big Seed.
(These have invisible bells cute.)
Any stainless steel cups will do, they are very common in most homes.

Transferring yellow beads pretending to be chick peas.
The ones I had were too big but these beads fit perfectly.
Using lemon slice tongs and soap holder with suction pads.

Animal dominoes that have monkeys and tigers somewhere in the set.

Lovely books from Amazon and Ebay all secondhand.
"Celebration" and "Children Just Like Me" by Dorling Kindersley can be used for all geography topics.
"Playtime (Around The World) by Kate Petty and Oxfam
"Prita Goes To India" by Prodeepta Das
"I Is For India" by Prodeepta Das
"Come And Eat With Us (Discovery Flaps)" by Annie Kubler and Caroline Formby

Puzzles; one for each of the boys

3D Peacock Puzzle from here

Construct a peacock feather game.
The felt cut-outs I made are in a pot.
He has to layer the pieces and make them all the same.

Play basket:
My green felt playmat, bits of tree bark blocks,
wooden mushrooms for forest, green playsilk,
toy elephants, a wooden carved elephant from India,
bit of green octagon construction pieces, cardboard trees we had made,

a family of tigers.

Putting things together makes play more inviting sometimes.

Felt aeroplanes and and ice cube tray.
1 to 1 correspondence for Little Seed

A selection of wooden toys brought back from India.
You can get little metal bells anywhere and I have seen some of these on "Ethnic style" stalls in markets locally.

A wooden Indian kitchen playset for making chappatis.
You can improvise and use yellow playdoh too.

To take this recent activity further:
Big Seed has to thread as many aeroplane buttons on the pipecleaners as he can using
the sand timer.
He then writes down the number he managed to thread.

I made these elephant number cards to order numbers 1 - 20.
Download a copy here.

Our map of India that decorated the play area.

There are many links to elephant themed activities and worksheets that you can find on the internet.

In the next post I will be showing you what crafty activities we have done
linking to our India topic.

My Craft links:
Craft activity # 1 : Shopping bags
Craft activity # 2 : Making Indian Sweets
Craft activity # 3 : Glamorous Indian Trucks
Craft activity # 4 : Hot Watercolours
Craft activity # 5 : Guess the Indian Ice Cream Game

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  1. What a wonderful unit on India! When your children's grandfather comes from India, it makes a lot of sense to have a special unit for the country. I always recommend that for families visiting another country, and it's even nicer if you have a relative from a particular country. Lovely activities! Deb @

  2. Nice timing in August with the Indian Independence day looming on the 15th! Lovely activities, cant wait for your other crafts!

  3. Thanks for linking your awesome post at Montessori Monday! I just featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at


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