Friday, 26 August 2011

Gnome Books

Big Seed discovered the stapler I placed in his writing box.
He is quite adapt with scissors so cut up tiny pieces of paper
that were so small...

"Well I can make these into books for the gnomes."

And so he did, he wrapped them up and then asked,

"When is it their birthday? I want to give it to them for their birthday."

Luckily a 4 year old has no concept of their birthdays were today.




  1. Oh so lovely, I am smiling, cheers Marie

  2. How cute, this reminds me of my children when they were little ones!

  3. hi..i am sorry i didnt reply all these days. thansk for the link up. thanks for titles of the books u shared..these are available here and i have added them in our list. just wanted to knw if u have a facebook page. i just saw that u have put some very intresting posts on contruction. i am going to read the posts now :)))). hope u had a grt week with kids. tac care

  4. oh this is really cute! You must be so proud of Your wonderfull, creative son!
    greetings from Poland


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