Monday, 8 August 2011

India Topic Craft # 5 - Guess The Indian Ice Cream Game

The boys made Indian Ice Cream in flavours you can't get at your
local ice cream parlour.
This was a lot of fun at supper.

Inspiration for this activity came from this book:
"Come And Eat With Us (Discovery Flaps)" by Annie Kubler and Caroline Formby

There is a page illustrating a girl buying ice-cream in an Indian village
from an ice-cream stall and it has pictures of the flavours on it.

We decided to make all those ice-cream flavours that vendor sells.
Big Seed keeps telling me he would like to try guava ice cream every time we read it.

So these are the flavours:
Guava, coconut, pineapple, ginger, banana.

This is the simplest ice-cream recipe ever!

1. Prepare fruits:

Pineapple: get a handful of chunks and blend them in a liquidizer/blender
Coconut: 3 tablespoons of  dessicated coconut 
Ginger : Finely grate 1 inch of ginger
Banana : Chop 1 banana into chunks and press through a fine sieve
Guava : Liquidize half of it

(Can you believe we couldn't buy guava after all this! We used strawberries instead...not very Indian
but I had to think fast. Use mango otherwise.)

2. Prepare creamy bit.

Whisk 3 egg yolks with 3 oz of light sugar in a bowl.
Take 500ml of double cream, boil then cool.

As it cools but it is still warm, add it gradually to the egg mixture a little at a time,
stirring constantly. It must not be too hot or it will cook the eggs and your ice cream will taste like breakfast!

3. Mix and freeze

Mix 100ml of cream with each of the ingredients, put in plastic pot and freeze.
We used old yoghurt pots.

The banana, ginger and coconut won't go hard as they don't contain water.
The others do so you need to stir it a few times..every hour or so.
In 3 hours it's frozen ready to eat.

4. Play Game

As the boys helped to make it, we played guess the flavour.
They have only ever eaten vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.
The ginger one was a real gorgeous surprise!



I hope you have enjoyed our Indian series.
Why not try something for Independence Day on the 15th August for fun?

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