Saturday, 6 August 2011

India Topic Craft # 1 - Decorating Cloth Shopping Bags

Following on from our India activities here
the boys have made some gorgeous cloth shopping bags
like the people in India use everyday.
They have been using them for years before they became "trendy" and "eco-friendly" at home.

We were inspired by this cream fabric cloth bag from India,
some red printed fabric at the top of the picture,
and "Mama's Sari's" by Pooja Makhijani
which has amazing bright illustrations to inspire art.

Little Seed used fabric crayons and dipped his fingers in fabric paint.

Big Seed tried to imitate the tiny dots on the fabric by using fabric pens
and a cookie cutter as a circular template.

This is his circular design.

Little seed got creative by using the crayon as a brush 
with the paint.

Big Seed used some wooden blocks to print,
fingerprints, handprints inspired by the common "paisley" design
which was created by using the side of the hand.

We will be using them on our next shopping trip!

Plain cloth bags bought from here


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