Saturday, 6 August 2011

India Topic Craft # 2 - Making Indian Sweets

Who doesn't like Indian sweets?
They are gorgeous and so aromatically spiced.
A true feel of India and so easy to make.

Mango Halwa
I chose this recipe as mangoes are common in the supermarkets here at the moment 
and I am able to adjust the sugar content to suit our family.
Make sure the mangoes are really ripe and sweet, especially if you throw in chucks at the end.

It uses semolina, sugar , butter and mangoes.
There are 3 mangoes in this recipe so it's quite healthy as sweets go!

The website has lots of inspiring recipes and photos if the mood takes you.


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  1. i saw that u visited my blog. and i am completly surprised to see ur posts about india, i never knew that u had some connection with india. love the cratfs ur kids have done and my fav are the books u have. i would like to definately have two from those. will check if flipkart has them. thanks.and yes i have never eaten mango halwa..have to try.


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