Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Making a construction site & how to make moonsand.

We created a real Construction Site Scene with their small construction vehicles
and a plastic playmat from Ebay for £2.50 on the kitchen table.

You could design your own on a huge piece of paper.

We made our own builder's sand which can be moulded into bricks and things.

This is how you make moon sand:

1 cup of sand to 1/2 a cup cornrstarch 
( however much you want to make this is the ratio)

Mix water with cornstarch first and add food colouring.
Then add to sand.
Add glitter if you want.

Keep in an airtight box and add a few drops of water if it dries out.

Part of our construction unit

ps it sticks to your socks/feet/clothes when playing
so wash off before you run around on the carpet!


  1. Hi I can't wait to try this with my kindergarten class. How much water do you add?

  2. Hi Cheryl, use about a tablespoon of water to start and really mix it in. x


Thanks for dropping by xx

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