Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Chamomile Lemon/Strawberryade - Liquid Sunshine

Now is a good time to harvest Chamomile flowers for tea, sleep pocket pillows and soap cakes
This year I wanted to try something new too.

I read that you can harvest and dry the leaves too for scented crafts

We made lemonade for the hot, summer days while gardening.
Find a recipe that suits you...we don't use lots of sugar in our house
We added chamomile flowers to sugar and lemon peel in a pan,
 and heated it up to make the syrup base.

I added the juice of a lemon, and also of an orange.
We have wild strawberries in the garden so I crushed some through a fine sieve and added the couli
I popped in a sprig of lemon balm
Refrigerate or add ice cubes

Liquid sunshine oh so good for you.



  1. I've not thought of adding chamomile. Lovely idea.

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