Thursday, 27 January 2011

Look What We Won: Gorgeous King Winter!

We are SO lucky to have won this amazing creature
He is just what we needed.

Jack Frost seems a bit put out now that the Big Man of Winter has arrived.
Here he is all settled in pride of place on our seasonal table.
Big Seed is very proud of him and loves his curly beard.
Thank you so much Ancient Hearth:
He will be treasured and displayed for many years to come.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Winter Wonderland Activities #2

Here are some other Winter themed activities we have been doing:

Fishing for baubles in bubbles!

I used our plastic sensory box and filled it with bubble bath, baubles ( from our toddler posting activity),
and animals. He used a goldfish net from a pet shop.
I put a couple of towels underneath the box and let him have fun fishing.
He placed his "catch" in a bowl.

Sensory play - polar bears and penguins in cornflour gloop.
I used the lid of the plastic sensory box.

Animal footprints in playdough.

 My Two Little Seeds exploring alongside each other.
Blissful moments.

A lovely felt snowflake game from My Montessori Journey.

The cards can be downloaded from here

You have to cut out shapes from white felt.
The object of this activity is to make the snowflake design on the card with the felt pieces.
They are segregated in an egg box for ease of use.
A lovely matching game.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Real Snow Sensory Box

When it snowed, Big Seed loved playing in the garden, but then
he got too cold and had to come inside.
So we brought the snow inside for him to play with!
Here are several things he did:

We filled his sensory box with snow and put in his construction vehicles and silver stars.

 He played with wooden spoons and made ice castles out of small bowls.

He learnt how to use a large syringe and sucked up warm water and squirted it on the ice.
I think this was his favourite bit.

 He played with his Polar and Antarctic animals.
He put handfuls on snow into a ball of warm water to make mini floating icebergs.

Then he painted it with watercolours.


Monday, 10 January 2011

Winter Wonderland Activities

Here's some of what we are doing for the next few weeks on our Winter theme:

Beautiful real snowflake pictures- matching game

I bought an image sheet from this fab Etsy shop called Piddix
Printed two and cut out the most distinctive shapes.
This is great for older children as it can be quite challenging if you want it to.

I laminated and cut out the rest to use for counting activities.

Counting cards.

Spooning/transferring winter sequins

Antarctic Animals 3-part cards from here.

Sorting Wintry beads

Using his iceberg stacker: he had to arrange the pieces in as many
different ways as possible.
He really enjoyed this.

Snowball soap surprises:
grate white soap, stick some "treasure" in the centre,
build the ball up with warm moist hands and let dry.


abc button

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christmas Thank You Cards & Gifts

We finally got it together to send thank you cards to family and friends
who had been generous to the boys at Christmas.

We made these cards from snowflakes that we hung up by the window during Christmas.
They are made from coffee filter papers and painted with watercolours.

Inside we placed a sachet of Hot Chocolate.
Big Seed put some marshmallows and a chocolate chunk in a bag.
We tied it with wool and printed some instructions on a tag.

We thought it would be a nice surprise in this chilly weather.


Thursday, 6 January 2011


I never knew what Epiphany was until I started celebrating all these occasions
with the boys.

It's the Three Kings Day.
Here they are on our nature table with 3 candles
left over from our Advent wreath,
and all the crystals we could find.

Some people believe that the Three Kings visited the Baby Jesus 12 days after his birth.
In Spain this is a huge celebration, and the day when children used to get their gifts, although
it is becoming more common to give gifts on the 25th.

Many people give a house blessing by writing the initials of the 
Three Kings and the date above their door in chalk: CMB2011

If you want to know a bit more read here
If you want ideas click here
If you want to see a small video of the Epiphany Parade in Barcelona see here.



Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Winter Sensory Box

Our theme for a while is our own Winter Wonderland:
covering Winter, Antarctica, and The Arctic.

As an introduction I made them a Winter Sensory Box.

It contains:

Polystyrene balls left over from packaging
Shredded paper snow (from Grandma's Christmas Snow Scene)
Clear and blue glass stones
Silver baubles
Blue and silver crystals
White plastic lids
String of pearls
Metal chain
Fake icicles ( tree decoration)
3 Pipe cleaners twisted into a star shape
Blue pompoms
White ribbon
White ping pong ball
Craft maize sticks
White ramekin
Toy metal ladle (Ikea)
Metal spoon
Toy ceramic jug (Ikea)
3 Toy penguins

This was made in 5 minutes from stuff around the home.
(As opposed to the Autumn Box which was planned a month in advance)

There is lots of metal and cold objects in the box to give that Wintry feel.

Little Seed got more out of it than his brother.
It was a joy to watch his expressions as he picked up the different items.

Then I passed him the different objects to transfer to a wooden bowl.
He really loved this.

Here is a simple Winter Playscene ( taken in the evening so it's a bit dark).
We used a blue playsilk, blue and white glass beads,
a wooden Iceburg stacker,
and borrowed plastic animals.

The good thing about this is that you just lift the sides of the scarf, and plonk it out of the way,
 without having to tidy up the beads.


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Posting Game For 12 mth old / Toddler

Before we put away these baubles on Epiphany:
This is super simple...

Take a basket of shiny baubles...

Turn an old box inside out. Tape.
 Cut a round hole in the top and large square one in the bottom.
Post the baubles in the box.

Amaze yourself with your disappearing trick!

Then place empty basket on your head.
Wait for older brother to take it off.
Repeat until bored.


Happy New Year to everyone.
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