Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Real Snow Sensory Box

When it snowed, Big Seed loved playing in the garden, but then
he got too cold and had to come inside.
So we brought the snow inside for him to play with!
Here are several things he did:

We filled his sensory box with snow and put in his construction vehicles and silver stars.

 He played with wooden spoons and made ice castles out of small bowls.

He learnt how to use a large syringe and sucked up warm water and squirted it on the ice.
I think this was his favourite bit.

 He played with his Polar and Antarctic animals.
He put handfuls on snow into a ball of warm water to make mini floating icebergs.

Then he painted it with watercolours.



  1. It looks like Big Seed had lots of fun! Great ideas for a sensory box.

  2. How fun! Love that you added the syringe to use too! Kerri

  3. This is so much fun! Matthew loves it when I fill a big tub full of snow for him to play with in the kitchen. We recently tried painting it too, but it didn't really hold his interest for some reason. He did love running his little cars through it, "plowing" and getting stuck, lol. :) Great idea!!


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