Thursday, 20 January 2011

Winter Wonderland Activities #2

Here are some other Winter themed activities we have been doing:

Fishing for baubles in bubbles!

I used our plastic sensory box and filled it with bubble bath, baubles ( from our toddler posting activity),
and animals. He used a goldfish net from a pet shop.
I put a couple of towels underneath the box and let him have fun fishing.
He placed his "catch" in a bowl.

Sensory play - polar bears and penguins in cornflour gloop.
I used the lid of the plastic sensory box.

Animal footprints in playdough.

 My Two Little Seeds exploring alongside each other.
Blissful moments.

A lovely felt snowflake game from My Montessori Journey.

The cards can be downloaded from here

You have to cut out shapes from white felt.
The object of this activity is to make the snowflake design on the card with the felt pieces.
They are segregated in an egg box for ease of use.
A lovely matching game.



  1. You have some great winter activities here! The fishing sounds fun!

  2. I like the goop and footprints activity!

  3. You are always so full of good ideas, your children must have such fun learning!

  4. clever ideas! I really want to incorporate some of them into our winter curriculum!

  5. Goop! I love cornflour goop, wish I had discovered it as a kid myself...but I do enjoy playing in it alongside my daughter LOL! I love all your amazing work with sensory boxes - I'll have to try a few of them over at my place! I came over from the linky party at Magic Onions - glad to have found your blog!

  6. Thanks for sharing these! Our girls love anything involving cornflour goop.
    The bauble activity sounds like a lot of fun too!

  7. Love the animal footprints!! Kerri

  8. I'm back to let you know that I' linked up to this post on my weekly favorites:

  9. So clever!! What fun and creative ideas. We have been doing a lot with snow indoors and tracking at our house. The felt snowflakes are very cute.
    Thanks for sharing.


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