Thursday, 6 January 2011


I never knew what Epiphany was until I started celebrating all these occasions
with the boys.

It's the Three Kings Day.
Here they are on our nature table with 3 candles
left over from our Advent wreath,
and all the crystals we could find.

Some people believe that the Three Kings visited the Baby Jesus 12 days after his birth.
In Spain this is a huge celebration, and the day when children used to get their gifts, although
it is becoming more common to give gifts on the 25th.

Many people give a house blessing by writing the initials of the 
Three Kings and the date above their door in chalk: CMB2011

If you want to know a bit more read here
If you want ideas click here
If you want to see a small video of the Epiphany Parade in Barcelona see here.



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