Wednesday 5 January 2011

Winter Sensory Box

Our theme for a while is our own Winter Wonderland:
covering Winter, Antarctica, and The Arctic.

As an introduction I made them a Winter Sensory Box.

It contains:

Polystyrene balls left over from packaging
Shredded paper snow (from Grandma's Christmas Snow Scene)
Clear and blue glass stones
Silver baubles
Blue and silver crystals
White plastic lids
String of pearls
Metal chain
Fake icicles ( tree decoration)
3 Pipe cleaners twisted into a star shape
Blue pompoms
White ribbon
White ping pong ball
Craft maize sticks
White ramekin
Toy metal ladle (Ikea)
Metal spoon
Toy ceramic jug (Ikea)
3 Toy penguins

This was made in 5 minutes from stuff around the home.
(As opposed to the Autumn Box which was planned a month in advance)

There is lots of metal and cold objects in the box to give that Wintry feel.

Little Seed got more out of it than his brother.
It was a joy to watch his expressions as he picked up the different items.

Then I passed him the different objects to transfer to a wooden bowl.
He really loved this.

Here is a simple Winter Playscene ( taken in the evening so it's a bit dark).
We used a blue playsilk, blue and white glass beads,
a wooden Iceburg stacker,
and borrowed plastic animals.

The good thing about this is that you just lift the sides of the scarf, and plonk it out of the way,
 without having to tidy up the beads.



  1. How fun. I was just thinking lately about having a sensory box filled with rice. We are on a cinnamon playdough kick right now.

  2. Lovely, looks like so much fun! Love the polar animals. We also had great fun with our winter themed sensory box :)

  3. Another wonderfull idea- thank you!Iwona from Poland

  4. Great sensory box! All the different textures and the polar animals are great! I've included your post on my weekly favorites here:


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