Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Remember Cuisenaire?

We are using Cuisenaire Rods...remember these?
It's a different approach to mathematics and can be used alongside other methods.

I bought a basic wooden set from Ebay. 
They are colour coded rods in different lengths from 1cm to 10cm.
The white squares are the basic single units.

We have begun by playing with them and playing matching games.

Does anyone else out there use these?



  1. Hmm, I do remember them, and keep being tempted to buy a set for my eldest. She is really into numbers and sums right now and I am a bit lost about how to move forward with it. We tried an abacus, but it wasn't a huge hit, so I was thinking about Cuisenaire rods as my next 'prop'.

  2. I haven't thought of these in years. Used when taught elementary school in the 80's. Will have to keep my eye out for some - so many ways to use and adapt.

  3. I bought these 5 or 6 years ago to use with our Miquon Math program. We did NOT like Miquon at all; however, I still have the rods and really like them. I'd love to find ways to use them alongside other programs or even for Tot School.

  4. Hi there! In Poland this "sticks" are quite often used in kindergarten and in school on the lower levels to teach maths http://www.sklep.educarium.pl/educarium.php?section=1&kategoria=3&p=0&subkategoria=42&produkt=4063.I use them to play with my three-year-old daugthter.We build funny shapes or count etc. Greetings.


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