Sunday, 27 February 2011

Easy peasy, eco, free, garden teepee

Here is our new garden creation:

A teepee ( well actually it's a garage for cars and trucks at the moment.)

Made from beanpole bamboo sticks, twine and old stems from artichoke plants.
The artichoke tubers not flowers; they grow over 6ft tall!

Some ivy is woven around it, I couldn't find much of it,
however it would look great covered in it.

I was inspired by the willow tunnels and shapes we saw at the Welsh Botanical Gardens.
Apparently you have to plant them by the end of Feb.
When we looked how much the kits cost ( from £60 upwards),
we decided to have a bash at it ourselves.
Total cost: £0


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  1. What a great idea!
    I should think all kinds of climbing plants would grow nicely around the structure.
    A living Tee Pee womderful!

  2. hi! What a beautifull teepee:). There is a lot of snow in Poland now, so we can make an igloo in our garden;)Greetings.

  3. I wish we had made an igloo when it snowed! Or an ice house...fabulous. x

  4. You live in Wales, don't you? I've got a question, do children in Wales speak English from the start or do they learn it at school and first they speak Welsh? It might be that we'll be able to spend a few months in Wales this year and I'd like to know if our children will be able to learn English, resp. speak English with local children. Thanks for help!

  5. Hi,everyone in Wales is fluent in English even if it is the main language at home. In the South the majority of schools are English speaking schools although you can choose to send your child to a Welsh school where they say most things in both languages from the start. Many families who don't speak Welsh choose to send their children to Welsh schools. In rural areas you many find that the majority of people speak Welsh as the main language but they can all speak English nonetheless. I hope this helps. x

  6. Thank you very much, that's a great explanation. It seems that Wales is very much bilingual. I'm so looking forward to seeing your beautiful country.

  7. That is the best garage ever!! We had one (or maybe it was two) in our garden several years back, and grew beans and Morning Glories on it. The teepee was gorgeous, and a delight for the children to play in. And since the branches that we used were freshly green, they actually ended up sprouting out leaves themselves.

  8. This is a great teepee! It looks like a fun place to play.

  9. I need to find me some long sticks!! :) My kids would love this!

    I'd love to have you link up to my For the Kids Friday Link Party! Stop on by!!

    :)rachel from

  10. Hello. I´m a Preschool Teacher at San Jose,Costa Rica.The kids and I have been traveling with books, art, videos and outdoor activities from the North Pole to the South. We´re now at U.S.A. I will love to do a teepe! Do you have to just tie the poles or they´re somehow underground a little.?? Thank you
    LauraOreamuno.San Jose,Costa Rica.Central America.

  11. Hi there, the pole are slightly in the ground BUT the artichoke stems are not in the ground at all. They are all tied with twine.I weaved twine in groups of about 6 poles/stems.It will work however you do it. Good luck and have fun! xx


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