Thursday, 3 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the first time we have celebrated Chinese New Year.
We started by looking at an atlas and having a chat about it.

Then the boys made these cards.
Big Seed painted with red watercolours at Christmas so we used these as a base.
I found some chinese writing on google so I wrote "happiness" on one card in pencil
and "peace" on the other.
Big Seed wrote on top in felt tip and Little Seed just liked to copy him with black crayons.
We glued on some gold glitter too.

I downloaded this rabbit template from here

Inspired by this we made a Chinese banner.
I wrote some words in pencil and some random letters
and Big Seed painted on top in watercolour.

We put everything up on our mantelpiece.
Then had Chinese Takeaway for dinner...of course!

Happy New Year !


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