Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Chamomile Lemon/Strawberryade - Liquid Sunshine

Now is a good time to harvest Chamomile flowers for tea, sleep pocket pillows and soap cakes
This year I wanted to try something new too.

I read that you can harvest and dry the leaves too for scented crafts

We made lemonade for the hot, summer days while gardening.
Find a recipe that suits you...we don't use lots of sugar in our house
We added chamomile flowers to sugar and lemon peel in a pan,
 and heated it up to make the syrup base.

I added the juice of a lemon, and also of an orange.
We have wild strawberries in the garden so I crushed some through a fine sieve and added the couli
I popped in a sprig of lemon balm
Refrigerate or add ice cubes

Liquid sunshine oh so good for you.


Monday, 25 July 2011

Homemade napkins by the boys

Apologies for creased napkins in the picture but
they can't wait to use them
 (they are being used as wrapping paper in role play!) here they are.
You get the idea.

I used an old cot sheet ( Little Seed didn't spend much time in it!)
I hemmed the edges to make rectangles by hand. It didn't take long.

Then Big Seed printed one with leaves and flowers from the garden using fabric paints.
He also drew pictures using fabric crayons and felts on another.


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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Transportation Topic Playdough

Black homemade playdough
Lovely for making different tracks

Add signs, lines and characters...

Crazy town!
Get creative


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Transportation Topic

This post at Counting Coconuts has got me inspired to start the
Summer holidays with the kids.
She is brilliant as always.The transportation pack by Homeschool Creations she mentions is brilliant!

Sorting transport themed felt shapes from Tesco

Threading cotton reels ( they look like wheels) from here

Matching locks and keys tied to a cotton reel
He has to get the lock off the playdoh monster toys.
I change them around so it's not easy bought from here

Fire-engine sticky mosaic from ToysRUs
Colour by numbers style
We have also got a boat one from here

Threading cars and aeroplanes as seen on Counting Coconuts
From here and here

Spooning wooden wheels from here
One spoon for each of the boys 

An old lego model of a postal van

Threading transport and a town

Their grandma bought them transport stickers.
I draw a road for them and they have to stick them on in the right directions

Big Seed drew a train and he printed the wheels with cotton reels
We have also done the same printing with old kitchen roll tubes.

We went to our library and got lots of non-fiction books on transport.
Lots of real images of cars and trains, etc has them hooked at bedtime.

If you have any transport links let me know 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sound Table

This is so simple.
Just gather objects from your home beginning with your focus sound.
Big Seed enjoyed writing the simple labels.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Easy Weaving

We have done some rainbow weaving
using cardboard from a cereal box and rainbow wool.

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