Monday, 21 November 2011

If you miss the festival - don't miss the fun!

This post comes from a mum who struggles to balance
Steiner in the home with going to normal school and working part-time.

Last year's Martinmas celebration was peaceful and focussed.
This year I missed it with a hectic work schedule.

Instead of beating myself up about it : we celebrated on a different day.
Luckily my two seeds have no concept of time.

Better to encourage some awe and wonder 
than nothing at all.

So we went for our walk in the garden with our tin lanterns.

Special occasions remind us of the need for these rituals, to do something out of the ordinary,
to make us focus on nature, simplicity, important moments;
but they need not be confined to certain dates of the year.

Make up another celebration...
the end of Autumn, the start of Winter, the start of December, etc

but do go for that walk in the dark by candlelight.


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