Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Autumn Storytelling

After the gnomes' fire party we were all the right mood for a fire story.

I saved a few Autumn treasures; leaves, old flower heads, acorns, etc and scattered 
them on the silk floor.

" Two Autumn gnomes said that they felt very cold with the
frosts coming so they wanted to build a fire.
They gathered some twigs and put some leaves in a pile for the fire.
It took them so long to make it that they were tired and had to go to bed.

Along came a hedgehog and thought that pile of leaves would make a lovely 
place to hibernate so he snuggled up under the pile and went to sleep.

The next evening the gnomes were ready to light the fire and invited King Autumn
along to celebrate. He asked the 2 little gnomes if they had checked under the fire first.
They said they had not and when they checked there they found a hedgehog!
He wandered off to find a safer place to sleep.

They all helped to add a few things to the fire but it wouldn't light.
So King Autumn summoned the dragon to fly down and breathe on the fire.
Out of his mouth came hot flames ( orange fairy wool) and the fire started to burn.

They all stood around the fire and threw seed pods and acorns and conkers into the fire.
Each one made a spark and an exciting noise. They were splattering like mini
They all stood around the fire and thought about how tired they were
beginning to feel because soon it would be time for them to sleep too."

My Two Seeds were so enthralled by a fire story that Big Seed wanted to re-enact it
straight away. Then Little Seed had his first go at storytelling.

It was so sweet!



  1. sunshinebythesea9 November 2011 at 20:12

    So lovely x

  2. I love it! The story is so cute! Thank You for sharing. I will think of something simillar, too.

  3. Oh, I love the story. Thank you for sharing it!!


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