Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spirals Inspired by Hundertwasser


Inspired by this book:
Harvesting Dreams Hundertwasser For Kids by Barbara Steiff...

I picked it up from the Tate Gallery years ago ready for a day like this...

We made a collection of spirals:
ferns, fossils..

snail shells from a gnome's hat..

and I taught them to make spirals from pipecleaners.
We put these on a display to add to at anytime.

We became foetal spirals...

Made playdough spirals...

Created a spiral maze from lolly sticks for the gnomes to enter.

...and colourful matchstick spirals...

Little Seed followed by pencil markings with do-a-dot pens.

Big Seed created his own with felt pens.

Montessori cylinder spirals...

...with a twist and a turn.

Finger spirals in the sand tray we use for tracing.

Big Seed asked to to painting. I got the watercolours out.
He said he wanted to do a "nature" picture, inspired by what we had explored.

Little Seed is still painting rainbows...he is still exploring those since St Patricks Day.

I painted a spiral...

and Big Seed wanted to do one too.

After any painting activity there seems to be an atmosphere
of completion and contentment
Their creativity has been expressed.

They no longer want to do any focussed activities...

It is complete...for today.


Montessori Monday 

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