Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sights of Christmas In Our Front Room

Honey scented pine cones dipped in golden beeswax with edges of shimmering glitter,
warming gently as they are hung over the fireplace...leaving a sweet scent mixed with cinnamon 
sprinkled on the iron fire

Pine twigs hang across the stairs tied with wool and decorated with red and gold ribbons
bring more Mother Nature into our home.
A lovely bold statement as we walk into our house.

Wispy, floaty angels made from wool watch over the children playing in the front room

Warming fiery red Poinsettia with petals like velvet

 A sweet gingerbread house made by two excited boys
decorated with treats and happiness

Enjoy your holidays



  1. I love beautiful, simple, natural decorations. The pine cones sound wonderful and I love the fleece angel, she looks really magical.
    Happy New Year!

  2. beautiful angel, hope you had a lovely christmas xx


Thanks for dropping by xx

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