Monday, 14 March 2011

Presenting Choices For Play With A Toddler Around

How do I present choices in our play and learning area
when I have a toddler who likes to tip everything out and create chaos?

It has been frustrating because I want to create a lovely Steiner/Montessori 
area for them but I could not get it to work...
until NOW!

Here we have our cheap shelves which are occasionally used as a roleplay area,
but it has got a bit tired lately so I am trying something new,
and I think Little Seed is just old enough to go with it.

I put some Montessori activities in bowls on the top shelf where Captain Chaos can't reach.
I will do a post on what the activities are this week.

The middle shelf houses the imaginative play mat, influenced by Steiner.
Big Seed got it out this week so I have made a permanent fixture on the middle shelf for now.

On the bottom are Little Seed's toys, and things I don't mind him tipping.

Next to the shelf on the floor is a basket of Steiner based tree blocks and a few baby books.

The top shelf has a basket of envelopes containing Montessori card activities.

Now here is the best part for all you Montessori homeschoolers with destructive toddlers:
clear boxes with lids with activities in it such as Practical life; scooping, pouring, etc
so that Big Seed can still see what's there. The items for pouring are in jars with lids inside.
Problem sorted!

Bottom shelf has roleplay cooking toys which they both enjoy playing with.I have put the bulk of the cooking stuff away, as they just want to make cups of tea these days.

Big Seed has shown great interest in the boxes and baskets, and so far Little Seed has respected the area.

This is progress.



  1. tonight i was actual talking to another childcare provider as we face same issue you do i have children 4 month to 11 year old in my care . mostly preschool i want them to have my
    Montessori tracy out . so yes i get creative like you . great job .

  2. I also have a combination of Steiner and Montessori toys incorporated with everyday toys and put the items I don't want the toddler to get into out of her reach.
    In order to keep three different age groups entertained (2, 4 and 7yrs), I also set out each night an activity on the children's table for each of them to do when they wake up in the morning. They have their own place on the table so know which activity is theirs. Of course I don't put anything out for early morning play that requires adult supervision (ie small pieces or scissors).
    I don't homeschool this is just something I do to provide a learning activity that is also fun (and prevents them from automatically turning the TV on).


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