Thursday, 9 December 2010

Make A Hedgehog Hibernate

We have been reading about hedgehogs and hibernation.
So we made our own:

His hedgehog made from self hardening red clay and cocktail sticks broken in half.
Yes they are prickly but he is sensible, and after all you do need gloves to pick up a real one...ouch!
(And most of all...I have the freedom of home educating...if I want to use dangerous sticks with a 3 year old...I can!)

I gave him a basket of natural materials:
twigs, leaves, teasels, branch blocks...

But instead he spent ages making his 2 toy hedgehogs have a chat. Sweet.

Then taught him how to hide the hedgehog for his winter sleep
so that the foxes can't see him and to keep him safe and warm.
Big Seed made him a winter home.

He did a good job.
Sleep well hedgehogs!

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  1. I love hedgehogs! They're my favorite animals (well, tied with dragons). I have a blog award for you at .


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