Monday, 27 June 2011

June Montessori Activities

I have turned the space rocket back into 2 bookcases full of Montessori style
They haven't stopped playing with them...well it is a typical UK Summer!
Activities for an 18 mth old and 4 year old...

1st bookcase contains:

Sequencing cards

Homemade sticker activities based on what stickers I have in the house.
This one is matching upper and lower case letters
I have also made counting ones, match the initial sound to the animal, put the cars on the road etc
This is in a seed tray because real Montessori trays are very expensive!

Put the right number of glass beads on the sticks
Or just place them on anyway you like.

Velcro fruit and vegetables
Chopping them in half and placing them in the pots
This is their favourite and is done about 6 times a day by both of them

Matching the right colour lolly stick to the plastic cups
(Cups from supermarket picnic section)

Sorting cutlery 
(from Ikea Kid's section)

Sorting buttons 

2nd bookshelf

Matching butterflies
Printed then laminated from here

More challenging matching game
Printed 2 sets of butterfly pictures and cut a third out to match up.
More interesting matching task for older children

They are quite detailed and different.

Play basket with felt playmat, gnomes, toadstools, woodenblocks, shells, a real assortment of things
they would not normally put together.

A songbook Big Seed illustrated with some instruments

Laminated puzzle of a ladybird from here

Also not shown in photos:
* Basket of homemade playdough in a tub with alphabet cutters
* Tweezing furry pompoms with sugar tweezers into a glass jar
* Using pipette to transfer water onto suction pads of soap holder
* Number puzzle
* Spooning marbles into ice cube tray
*Pouring beads from 2 empty paint pots

Two Little Seeds at work together



  1. I love the butterflies :)

  2. Loving all your ideas, clever mama. Thanks again for sharing your inspirational activities.


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