Saturday, 13 July 2013

Splatter art in the garden

Simple summer art. I put big pieces of paper in a row with 2 canvases at each end. They splattered with brushes and spoons.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Happiness in mess

Simple bliss with shaving foam, a bucket and cars.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Frogs have arrived in our home made pond...

We made a pond from an old baby bath last year...

And this year 3 frogs have appeared!

It was so exciting to see.
They didn't think anything was living in there and started to clear the weeds,
then they all appeared!

So Simple!

Creating a home for wildlife from a baby bath and rainwater.



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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spirals Inspired by Hundertwasser


Inspired by this book:
Harvesting Dreams Hundertwasser For Kids by Barbara Steiff...

I picked it up from the Tate Gallery years ago ready for a day like this...

We made a collection of spirals:
ferns, fossils..

snail shells from a gnome's hat..

and I taught them to make spirals from pipecleaners.
We put these on a display to add to at anytime.

We became foetal spirals...

Made playdough spirals...

Created a spiral maze from lolly sticks for the gnomes to enter.

...and colourful matchstick spirals...

Little Seed followed by pencil markings with do-a-dot pens.

Big Seed created his own with felt pens.

Montessori cylinder spirals...

...with a twist and a turn.

Finger spirals in the sand tray we use for tracing.

Big Seed asked to to painting. I got the watercolours out.
He said he wanted to do a "nature" picture, inspired by what we had explored.

Little Seed is still painting rainbows...he is still exploring those since St Patricks Day.

I painted a spiral...

and Big Seed wanted to do one too.

After any painting activity there seems to be an atmosphere
of completion and contentment
Their creativity has been expressed.

They no longer want to do any focussed activities...

It is complete...for today.


Montessori Monday 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Making a paper box

We made a paper box.
Little Seed learnt about folding paper.

Fold a piece of rectangular paper in half.

Fold the bottom upwards towards the crease you have made.
Do the same from both ends so you have 4 sections.

 See the 4 sections here.

Repeat this process from the sides.

Fold the corners inwards.

Fold edges to make 2 flaps.

And pull the corners so it pops into a box.
Little Seed is taking photos too.

Fill with stuff to tidy the play area.
We used it on our craft area and filled it with precut shapes.


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bees Are Back....and so are we!

Little Seed has become very interested in bees so I am taking this as our main focus this week.
I am starting the blog up again as a focus now for my second preschool son.

We found a dead bumble bee in the garden and that sparked his interest.

We started with making bees from paper plates.

We made several to fix onto the window.

Then we made honeycomb from an egg carton and painted it yellow.
When it is dry we are going to put tiny eggs made of  rice in them...and watch them grow!
We will act out the worker bees/ drones/ nursing type bees, etc.

We made honeycomb from tessellating shapes

Mellisa and Doug shapes set

Added 20 bee beads from Ebay

Dandelion prints because they are so abundant in our garden.

It reminded me of this post I did a few years ago:
so we made some Dandelion Cookies again.
They were delicious.

By some magic synchronicity..there was a kid's Bee production on at the local theatre.

What a great day for bees!


Monday, 19 March 2012

Birds Are Back

Spring is here and the boys are noticing the birds visiting our garden.

I made these felt finger puppets for them.
These are 3 common visitors.

I found this on Ebay. Big Seed likes to sort numbers
or play snap.

This is a lovely book about UK garden birds for children.
They both like finding the birds that they are familiar with.

I have started to get back into themes on my shelves.
Things have been a bit slow lately but as the days get longer,
Big Seed is more engaged after school.

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