Friday, 18 June 2010

Watercolours # 2 : Mixing Colours With Pipettes

I love watching Big Seed use watercolours...and this was so fun I just had to have a go...

We wet the paper both sides with water and a sponge.
We concentrated on blue and yellow making green.
I put these 2 colours in the palette and used 2 separate pipettes.

Once the paper is ready just let the drops explode...
I love the way the edges fray.

I did this first to demonstrate how to drop the paint and commentated on how the drops blurred into each other.
We talked about how green is formed, and how the colours overlapped.
I then left this to dry and it all blurred together so there were no white areas of paper showing.
I used it for my Father's Day card.

Big Seed found the pipette a bit tricky at first.
He sucked up a lot of paint and made lots of dramatic splats.
He said they were "his pancakes!"

I love the bottom right hand side. Its gorgeous.
And just like with a brush, like it says in the book we are using,
young children feel the need to cover the entire paper and use up all the paint.

I had to fill the palette up again he was enjoying so much!

If you cut out a huge circle, wouldn't this make a great planet?
Or a sea background?

It's really pretty on our wall just as it is...

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  1. so perfect! the droppers really work well!

  2. Beautiful! We'll have to try this at our house =)

  3. My son loves dropper painting! I love how only using 2 colors looks so neat :)

  4. I love this...I think I will try this with our art group this week :0)

    Did you use water color paper or plain paper??

  5. Hi Michelle, definitely watercolour paper.Good quality x

  6. How fun! Thanks for linking up, look for your activity to be featured in tomorrow's post!


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